WJSN: Nymphs for their comeback

STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT girl group WJSN is making a comeback on Tuesday 5th with a special single called “SEQUENCE”.


Composed of members EXY, SEOLA, BONA, SOOBIN, LUDA, DAWON, EUNSEO, YEOREUM, DAYOUNG and YEONJUNG, the group presents this said single in a ballroom in Seoul, as the big winner of the hit show “Queedom” from the MNET channel. The album has four tracks, “Done”, “Aura”, “Stronger”, as well as the title track “Last sequence“. The showcase honoring young women begins with a video presenting them individually, so that they go on stage to strike a pose in front of the journalists present on that day. The young women, dressed in black and white, are elegant and refined, like the room where the showcase takes place. They claim to have trained hard for this single, and hope that the feedback from the public will be positive.

They briefly reflect on their victory in “ Queendom ”, thanking the people who voted for them, and expressing their firm desire to improve in their careers, the show having given them strength and determination. They then settle down to chat with the journalists, and again thank “Queedom” which offers them the possibility of coming to meet their fans, after the difficult period that was the Covid. A concert was also held, and it was with great joy that WJSN spent time with their fans.


Concerning the single and its title song, YEOREUM, in a few steps of the chorus to show the key moments of the choreography, before DAYOUNG reveals some shooting anecdotes, like what it was not always easy to shoot certain scenes, but the director advised them, which gave them confidence, especially regarding their facial expressions. For the other tracks accompanying “Last sequence“, the singers focused on the messages they wanted to convey to their fans, after their victory in “Queedom”. The group then leaves the stage so that the clip marking their return is broadcast.

« I feel like we are at a turning point in our career, like we are starting our career again with Queedom » SOOBIN

Although the technical teams encounter some difficulties in broadcasting the clip, it is once done that we discover the ten young women, similar to nymphs in aquatic gardens. The song is dynamic, and the clip rich in color, highlighting each of the members.

WJSN then goes back on stage, for a Q&A session before closing the showcase. Young women are asking journalists to write “good” articles, commensurate with their effort for this special comeback. They hope that the fruit of this said effort will be noticed and rewarded, and they elect DAWON as the member who best represents the concept of this single.

YEONJUNG says that participating in “Queendom” has strengthened the group’s teamwork, as if the group had taken it to the next level. They are even closer than before and are happy to have gained fans. This single was therefore prepared with old and new fans in mind. It was also difficult for them to face the Covid, motivating a comeback almost a month only after their victory in “Queendom”, taking advantage of the opportunity to be able to see their fans again.

They consider each other as friends, not paying too much attention to age differences, and do the same with the other groups who have participated in the show. Indeed, the group was able to build many good times while filming, and winning was just the icing on the cake. It is with these last words that the group thanks the journalists present, as well as all those who will support this special single. The young women also announce that during the promotion of “Last sequence“, they will also perform “Done” on the Mnet channel, starting this evening.

The words of our reporter:It is with a pleasant surprise that the group returns to highlight its victory after Queendom, good luck for this period of promotion“.

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn
Photos: Pillet Anaïs, Chemin Charlène


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