H1-KEY : A sporting comeback

SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT‘s girlsband H1-KEY is making a comeback this Wednesday, July 6 with a first maxi single titled “RUN“.


It was during a showcase held in Seoul that the four young women, SEOI, RIINA, HWISEO and YEL presented their latest single, comprising three titles; “ Run“, “Catch “n’ release” as well as “ Heart light ”. The concept of the group is particular, since it represents a sports team, a concept also reflected in the photo teasers of the singers since they are dressed in shorts, hold basketballs, but also wear high heels. Something to stand out among the groups already presents in the Korean pop music industry.

The showcase begins with a short teaser representing the members, before they go on stage to introduce themselves to the journalists who have made the trip to attend the showcase. This is also the opportunity to discover HWISEO, who is new to the group and who is making her very first showcase today. On this subject, she declares;

«It was a moment I had been waiting for a long time. I am not stressed, on the contrary I am very excited and happy to make my debut »HWISEO

After a few photos taken, it’s time to present the clip of the title song of the single, “Run“. Without wasting time afterwards, the young women go on stage to perform this title, with enthusiasm and energy. HWISEO also seems very comfortable on stage for a first performance. They then take the time to chat with journalists to present their latest single, stating that only H1-KEY can present such a concept and that they hope to receive a lot of love and support from the public.

When HWISEO is asked what is her particular charm that made her able to integrate the group, she answers her voice which she considers to be special. She claims to have trained hard to be on stage on this day, and with YEL, shows the main point of the choreography as being a passage where they sing “oh eh oh“, while miming basketball dribbles.

RIINA announces that for their fans (foreign and Korean alike), they will send them a special message in different languages to thank them for their love, giving daily energy to the group. They therefore ask fans to continue to follow the group closely in order to receive this special attention from them. During this showcase, HWISEO is undeniably the member receiving the most attention, with journalists directing most of their questions to the new idol.

« It was not difficult to join a group already formed, because the members all welcomed me well. » —HWISEO

SEOI picks up on her remarks, saying that HWISEO has adapted very well, especially since she was a trainee for nine years (she is currently twenty-one). She quickly learned the choreographies of the group, and brings a great source of energy to the girls. When a reporter asks HWISEO about her first impressions upon meeting the other members, she quotes RIINA as having impressed her the most with her beauty and flawless skin. When asked what concept they want to try, they answer “ a concept similar to the song “Wannabe” by the group ITZY, both dark and light, but above all energetic”, while continuing to mix the sports concept.

H1-KEY also expresses their willingness to perform in response to fan requests, with the group curious to see what their fanclub’s suggestions would be. RIINA reveals some behind the scenes of the comeback rehearsals, how YEL and HWISEO, being so full of life and always stuffed together, are very noisy and sometimes distracting during the rehearsals, but that SEOI as well as RIINA do not see it with a bad eye. On the contrary, they are happy that HWISEO finds her place in the group, and that the girls are closer at the same time.

Finally, they are asked about the reason for this particular sporting concept. They respond that they wanted to stand out in the industry, and that the sport has imposed itself on their minds, because many people love sport. They have selected three sports in particular for this comeback, in order to attract more attention (golf, tennis, basketball) and hope to win the coveted title of “ Summer Queen ”. SEOI closes the showcase by declaring that STAY C is their role model in the industry, with its energy and stage presence. Once declared, the young singers thank the journalists present one by one, expressing their joy at making a comeback, and hoping that they will receive a lot of love and support, to match their effort for this single.

The words of our reporter:  It is with undeniable energy and joie that the young women held this showcase. Good luck with this comeback! »

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Pillet Anaïs
Video: Chemin Charlène

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