Sunday, December 10, 2023
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A.C.E: CHAN in the new webdrama “Mimicus”

TikTokker KANG YUCHAN  visuals are attracting attention .


In “Mimicus”, the new drama produced by playlist KANG YUCHAN plays the role of Bang Yuchan, a first year student at Korean Performing Arts High School. Bang Yuchan is a Tiktoker and can’t take his eyes off of the famous idol trainee, Ji Subin (played by Kim Yoonwoo).

Mimicus” has released a still cut of Bang Yuchan (played by KANG YUCHAN), a tiktokker that is stuck with a recalled face, with cameras lined up as if covering a top star. YUchan, who catches the eye with his colorful perm, is unable to take his eyes off Subin, who entered the same high school, raising questions about what kind of performance he will play. Based on his actual idol career, KANG YUCHAN is expected to play the role of Bang Yoo-chan, a  first year  student of “TikTokker” in “Mimicus.”

Subin, who became a high-profile student amid everyone’s attention, is already a famous trainee at JJ Entertainment, a large agency in the drama. Subin, whose mother Lee Mi-yeon (Lee Yoon-ji) is the CEO of JJ Entertainment, despiste is already enjoying the popularity of celebrities as he is called a future idol, he is a mysterious character who actually has a secret he strives to keep under cover

What will happen to Han Yoo-sung (Yoo Young-jae), the main character who is suspected of «copying» Subin, and is called the fake Subin.

The story related to “human octopus,” the etymology of “mimic” and the important keyword of the drama, can be found in the main episode of “Mimicus“.

Mimicus,” a drama about students at an arts high school strive to prove that they are the “real deal” amidst a culture where mimicking one another is the norm.

 “Mimicus,” will be released on Naver NOW on July 22 and will be available on Playlist YouTube.

Journalist: Subaru
Translator: Subaru
Source: Beat Interactive / Playlist

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