DKZ: The strength of a group

DKZ is back with intense energy.


On the 25th at midnight, DKZ released a group photo for its seventh album “CHASE EPISODE 3. BEUM” on its official SNS.

In the published photo, the members of DKZ showed variable concept assimilation by wearing costumes with great charisma instead of fresh beauty in their previous work “CHASE EPISODE 2. MAUM”. In particular, as a group that fits well with the qualifier “Youth Doll,” DKZ showed off its 20s brilliance with a single photo, adding masculinity to its unique freshness, making viewers excited.

Additionally, DKZ, who returned with a more mature beauty and atmosphere, raised expectations for a comeback by creating the feeling of an “autumn man” as much as possible in keeping with the cool weather.

DKZ, which has already upped the ante with group photos after revealing individual photos that showcase each member’s uniqueness and attractiveness, is expected to fill fans’ hearts with various content afterward, and will complete the “CHASE” series with “CHASE EPISODE 3. BEUM” after “GGGUM” and “MAUM”.

DKZ, which provided joy with various concepts such as refreshing and fatal charisma, is expected to show the intensity of free and brave young people through this new comeback.

DKZ will be making a comeback with its seventh single album “CHASE EPISODE 3. BEUM” on October 6th.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : SNS DKZ

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