KARDI: A first mini-album

KARDI of Super Band 2 has released its first mini album “CHIL”.

Group KARDI, who are gaining attention as a scene-stealer in the Korean music scene, released its first mini album “CHIL” on September 25.

The name of the album “CHIL” means “painting with the music of Kardi“. As a group that plays Geomungo, it contains expectations regarding genre diversity and possibilities for musical evolution, and it is an album that permeates KARDI’s efforts to resolve it.

The album is filled with four tracks in total. It consists of the T&B genre song “Chil” with the groovy beats of members Jeon Seongbae (drums) and Hwang Inkyu (bass), as well as “Knockdown” based on the rock guitar sound of leader Hwang Leen (guitar), and the EDM track “Watch out” with the main theme by Park Dawool (Geomungo).

In addition, expectations are high on JTBC’s competition program “Super Band 2”, where KARDI was formed, with the song “Riot”, which can be seen as an upgraded version of the song “7000 RPM”, which surprised all viewers.

KIM YEJI, who is in charge of the lead vocals for the entire song, completed four unique tracks in one album with his own vocals. Additionally, she once again proved to be a scene stealer by leading a music experiment that showcases KARDI’s signature instrument, the Geomungo, in different genres for each track.

KARDI is a five-member co-ed group consisting of vocalist Kim Ye Ji, electric guitar Hwang Leen, geomungo Park Dawool, bass Hwang Inkyu, and drummer Jeon Seongbae. He was formed on JTBC’s “Super Band 2” show in 2021 and made a splendid debut by winning third place.

In May, the group appeared on the promotional stage of Busan World Expo 2030 in Tunisia, Africa, as the representative group of Korea, and even got the quantifiers of “Global K Band” and “Monster Rookie“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SGM Records

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