LA POEM: Powerful voices will surge

Group LA POEM has released a teaser for its new music video, raising expectations for a comeback.


On September 25, Studio JAMM released a teaser video for the title track “The war” music video for the new single “THE WAR” on its official SNS at noon.

The posted video begins with LA POEM members (Park Ki Hoon, Yoo Chae Hoon, Jung Min Sung, and Choi Sung Hoon) standing in their respective spaces in the dark. The teaser then increases the immersion by creating a strong aura with charismatic looks and a quiet, understated expression, providing a majestic vibe.

LA POEM, which showed its chic charm with an all-black military look, left a lasting deep impression with its imposing attitude and solemn atmosphere in front of bright lights. In addition, some of the music for the new song “The war” was heard, and the big sound full of tension caught listeners’ ears, raising expectations to its climax for the full song.

LA POEM will release its new single “THE WAR” on September 26th. This is the first new release in about nine months since “Eclipse (Trilogy III. Vincere)” launched in December last year. In this album, the members will actively participate in the overall work of the album, including content and visuals, as well as work on the song, so you can see the deeper musical color of LA POEM.

The title track “The war“, of the same name as the single, tells the story of a man who keeps moving forward for the joy of victory even when he wants to give up everything. The explosive singing and the perfect harmony of the members of LA POEM should fascinate the listeners. In particular, “Masterpiece Maker K-pop” producer Lee Nan, who worked with Girls’ Generation’s Wonho, Ailee, Nmixx, and Hyoyeon, composed the song, and members Yoo Chae Hoon and Choi Sung Hoon participated in the lyrics to enhance the sincerity of it.

As LA POEM proves its true worth with its excellent singing ability and beautiful harmony, covering all generations of men and women of all ages, it will make a special impression on the music industry this fall with high-quality music. quality.

In the meantime, LA POEM will release its new single “THE WAR” on various music sites at 6 p.m. on September 26.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : SNS LA POEM

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