BAEKHO: Memories that will ignite

BAEKHO has released the album trailer video.

BAEKHO released the album trailer video on his official YouTube channel at midnight on October 4th. In this trailer, BAEKHO showed off her beauty and movie-like visuals against the backdrop of endless seas and sandy beaches.

In the trailer video, BAEKHO appeared in the sea, raising questions about the next story. Moreover, BAEKHO’s narration, “This ever-changing temperature takes us to different destinations every time,” captivated the eyes and ears of listeners and heightened concentration.

In addition, BAEKHO, in a classic car, drove against the backdrop of breaking waves. A mysterious woman appeared in the passenger seat, and soon various memories crossed paths, but after realizing he was finally alone, threw a lit match and headed out to sea alone.

At the end of the video, BAEKHO looked back and left a deep impression with the narration, “This album is the first of something that has never been experienced.”

BAEKHO’s first mini album “ABSOLUTE ZERO” means “absolute zero” in which the energy flow of all molecules becomes “zero” and the movement is projected seamlessly. The title track “No rules” features an addictive bassline and rock sound.

BAEKHO will release his first solo album “ABSOLUTE ZERO,” including the title track “No rules,” on October 12.

Journalist: Shawn
Transator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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