WONHO: A melancholic atmosphere for this “Season’s greetings”

A nod to his next step for his “Season’s greetings“.


The singer WONHO reveals some photos for the release of his “Season’s greetings” 2023 – 2024. With the photos published WONHO leaves a message

✈️Travel in 2023 / Vacation in 2024🏝

Remember that on December 5, WONHO will leave to do his military service, would this be a way of telling us indirectly that he will be traveling during the year 2023, with his fans by his side, and that 2024 will be a moment of joy, this moment when he will find his fans, as if he were on vacation.

In the four photos that we discover today, WONHO poses in different places, with different meanings and expressions. Moments of relaxation, reflection and the desire to be close to his fans are expressed by his gaze towards the objective or by his gestures.


Additionally in the photos, an English message is left, meaning “We always record everything. As the day goes on, we need to record those precious moments. Because the past never comes back.” By these words WONHO convey the fact that moments are precious, we must not miss them and take advantage of them, because going back is not possible.

WONHO’sSeason’s greetings” will be available from November 22.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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