Saturday, September 30, 2023

DREAMCATCHER: A free concert in 3D for fans “거미의 저주 Curse of spider”

DREAMCATCHER will be streaming virtual reality (VR) performances worldwide for free to mark its 6th anniversary since its debut.


According to the Dreamcatcher Company, on January 6, 2023, The group will present a free VR cinematic concert “Curse of the Spider“, which tells the worldview of DREAMCATCHER through VentaVR, a “VENTA X” VR performance platform from January 8 to January 14, 2023. DREAMCATCHER and Venta X, which will mark the sixth anniversary of their debut on January 13, 2017, with a giveaway for the DREAMCATCHER fandom “InSomnia”. VentaVR has produced more than 2,000 K-pop 3D VR content, including “Star Date”, “The Show”, and “2022 Music Festival”.

This VR concert will tell the story of DREAMCATCHER through a frightening and confusing nightmare, whether it is a dream or a reality. You will find six representative songs of DREAMCATCHER, including “Maison” and “Vision”.


Earlier, Dreamcatcher Company and Venta VR also held an event from December 29 to 31 last year, where some fans could see the VR concert in advance. They held a premiere for fans who didn’t have VR headsets and gathered over 700 fans.

DREAMCATCHER said through their agency, “We recently held an international tour in Korea and five European countries, starting with nine American cities, but it was always a shame that we couldn’t meet all the fans.” , adding, “I think the fans are going to feel like they’re in a real concert, because it was filmed in 3D VR. We’re excited like we’re about to have a concert.


DREAMCATCHER had its ups and downs, going through the re-forming of the group, where there were five of them and which debuted in 2014 under the name MINX (GAHYEON and HANDONG joined the group in 2017). MINX was the opposite of the DREAMCATCHER color with a “cute” theme.

DREAMCATCHER is a group that has garnered more attention overseas than in Korea, and has also established its position in Korea since its second full album “APOCALYSPE: SAVE US” released in April last year. The album’s title track “Maison” topped national music broadcasts for the first time in 1924 days after its debut. The 7th mini-album “APOCALYSPE: FOLLOW US“, released in October of the same year, also received favorable reviews. They then went on a world tour and are currently on vacation for a month.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: Dreamcatcher Company

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