MONSTA X: Relaxed yet professional recording sessions

MONSTA X showed off the coolness and professionalism of talented artists through the moments of recording the title track “Beautiful liar” from its 12th mini album “REASON.”

Recently, MONSTA X posted a behind-the-scenes video from the recording of “Beautiful liar” on its official YouTube channel.

In the released recording video, MONSTA X showcased the individuality of different voices and raps, while showing its passion for perfection. KIHYUN, who appeared first in the video, showed off his explosive singing ability, freely crossing high and low notes, and showed the lead vocalist’s meticulousness in carefully recording even a single breath sound.

MINHYUK, who appeared in the video with a playful look, quickly transformed into a serious look at the start of the recording, paying attention to pronunciation details and exercising caution while recording repeatedly. Even after leaving the recording studio, when he checked his part, he checked the results without laughing.

HYEONGWON kept recording until he was satisfied with himself. His professionalism and perfectionism, which show frustration and also when the results are not satisfactory, have become a reason to show why MONSTA X‘s album is very complete.

JOOHEON recorded the vocal part first and showed excellent ability in singing as well as rapping. While capturing the director’s instructions to revive his own personality, he showed his extraordinary teamwork by recording the vocal part with the head-to-head with MINHYUK.

In the recording of the second rap part, JOOHEON and I.M, who are in charge of MONSTA X’s powerful rap, were together. JOOHEON closely watched I.M‘s recording, and I.M expressed his gratitude by saying, “I draw strength from my brother,” drawing sympathy. JOOHEON quickly finished their work with a single recording and even cleaned up the recording studio.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X hit its own career high with the album “REASON” and won the No. 1 spot with its title track “Beautiful liar” on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” which aired on January 20. It also topped the Hanteo Charts (Weekly Global Charts, Weekly Albums Charts, Weekly Albums Charts, Jan. 8-14), as well as three pie charts (Retail Albums Charts, Albums Charts, download, from January 9 to 15).

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Starship Entertainment

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