E’LAST: A sexy and fatal performance

The group E’LAST achieved a fatal performance.

E’LAST released a performance video for the 3rd mini album “ROAR” on its official YouTube channel on February 4.

The performance video, which looked sexy in the recently released teaser, gained more attention when member CHOI IN created the choreography himself. The members put on a smooth yet powerful performance with perfect speed control.

In the video, the members wear white shirts and gray-toned suits with an abandoned factory in the background, and fatally express the song’s charm with their intense eyes and sexy choreography under the red light. In particular, in the performance, duet choreography and the famous “shirt lift” were enough to attract the attention of fans.

“Nigntmare” is a song included in “GREY Ver” from the 3rd mini album, and it is an uplifting expression of the wonderful moment of love when blossoming hearts in fierce lives collide.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS E’LAST

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