Friday, September 29, 2023

PEAK TIME: Networks for news, a show for more visibility

“PEAK TIME” will start close communication through official channels.

JTBC’sPEAK TIME” (planned by Yoon Hyun Joon, director Ma Gun Young, and Park Ji Ye) opened an official YouTube channel and SNS at 2 p.m. KST on February 6 and started full-fledged communication with viewers potentials.

In addition to the main music video released, various original and behind-the-scenes content will be uploaded to the official YouTube channel and SNS of “PEAK TIME.” Through this, it is supposed to serve as a communication channel that will convey the charm of the participating groups.

PEAK TIME,” which will premiere on February 15, is the first survival show in the history of idol auditions as a group competition. Idols who have already debuted will compete on stage for the “Worldwide Idol” position.

MC Lee Seung Gi, judges Kyuhyun, Park Jae Beom, Tiffany Young, Lee Ki Kwang, Kim Sung Kyu, Song Minho, Shim Jae Won and Ryan will confirm their appearances and actively support the growth of “PEAK TIME” groups and the program success.

The silhouette teasers and reaction teasers of the 23 participating groups have been released one after another, drawing enthusiastic responses from global K-POP fans. In particular, the teaser with the silhouettes and the reaction of the judges alone announce the solid performance of the competitors, raising questions about the main show.

TEASER 01:00  TEASER 02:00  TEASER 03:00  TEASER 04:00  TEASER 05:00

TEASER 06:00  TEASER 07:00  TEASER 08:00  TEASER 09:00  TEASER 10:00

TEASER 11:00  TEASER 12:00  TEASER 13:00  TEASER 14:00  TEASER 15:00

TEASER 16:00  TEASER 17:00  TEASER 18:00  TEASER 19:00  TEASER 20:00

TEASER 21:00  TEASER 22:00  TEASER 23:00

Before the main broadcast, “PEAK TIME” will raise expectations by sequentially revealing the endless charm of participating groups through the official YouTube channel and SNS.

PEAK TIME,” which will show a new face to lead the next-gen K-POP scene, will premiere at 8:50 p.m. KST on February 15 with two consecutive episodes. It can also be satisfied by simulcasting between Korea and Japan through the cable channel operated by TV Asahi and the OTT platform ABEMA.

Spoiler: For fans who did their research, the bands that would be in attendance are: 24K, AIMERS, ATBO, BAE173, BDC, BLITZERS, BLK, BTL, BXB, DAY DREAM, DIGNITY, DKB, GHOST9, IN2IT, JWIVER, KINGDOM , M.O.N.T, MASC, NTX, ROMEO, THE BOSS, VANNER, W.A.O.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: JTBC

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