HAN: Korean hip-hop highlighted

The first sound and video source of “HAN”, a global Korean hip-hop project involving a large number of artists representing Korean hip-hop and R&B, will be released.

“HAN” is a project launched by “HIPHOPPLAYA” and “Spotify” together, designed to promote the unique sound and culture of Korean hip hop to the world.

The HAN project, which was officially launched today, consists of a series of sound sources and videos with various Korean hip-hop artists. KID MILLI, LOOPY, BLACK NUT, JIMMY PAGE, BLASE and MIRANI, which have been revealed so far, as well as the announcement of the news of the participation of Keith Ape and PEEJAY, further amplify the expectations of many hip-hop fans.

The artists of the collaboration of the first pre-released sound source will be joined by KID MILLI, MIRANI, LOOPY and producer SAEWOO, who have their own iKONIC style. In particular, as artists from previously rare combinations have been united, a sophisticated and dystopian soundtrack has been created and is set to be released at 7 p.m. on February 24.


The project will actively appeal to the unique charm of Korean hip-hop to listeners around the world by adding the global scalability of the Spotify platform with the deep cultural understanding of HipHopPlaya, which has been sharing the history of Korean hip-hop since 2000.

A total of six collaboration songs will be released exclusively on Spotify Singles every Friday, starting February 24, and at the same time as the song is released, deep work machines and live clips of the collaboration songs can be released found on the official website and YouTube channel of HipHopPlaya.

Additionally, the official “HAN” compilation album, including all songs pre-released since February 24, will be released on music sites around the world, and limited edition CDs and LPs will be released later.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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