KIM WOO SEOK: A few words in the spirals of time

Singer KIM WOO SEOK released a content called “from time to time” by the 4th Mini Album “BLANK PAGE” on the 30th.

The “from time to time” content, which was announced through the scheduler on the 17th and aroused KPOP fans’ curiosity, drew attention once again with a motion that combines lyrics expressed in English. In particular, it consists of lyrics that include keywords related to the album name “BLANK PAGE” and the album concept “time travel,” stimulating fans’ curiosity about the contents of the new song.

KIM WOO SEOK, who once again emphasized the keyword time through “from time to time,” released the track list the previous day, raising fans’ expectations for not only the title song “Dawn” but also the songs in the album.

Meanwhile, KIM WOO SEOK‘s new album “BLANK PAGE,” which is active in many ways, will be released on April 3rd, and the title song “Dawn” will be released for the first time in front of fans through a showcase on the same day.

Journalist: Shawn

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