XIKERS: ATEEZ’s younger brothers make their debut

XIKERS, a new men’s band from KQ ENTERTAINMENT, is making its debut on Wednesday, March 29 on the SBS TV set in Seoul.

It is with a first mini album, “HOUSE OF TRICKY: DOORBELL RINGING“, that the ten boys, MINJAE, JUNMIN, SUMIN, JINSIK, HYUNWOO, JUNGHOON, SEEUN, YUJUN, HUNTER and YECHAN present themselves to the world.
The showcase begins with a photo shoot for the journalists present, just after the broadcast of a video teaser of the agency to introduce the group and start the event. This is the first time in five years that the agency has launched a new male group, since ATEEZ, which is an important highlight for XIKERS.
It is then the turn for the young idols in the making to realize their very first performance, with the title «Tricky house», which is reminiscent of the style of their elders. But their energy and dynamism on stage make us forget ATEEZ because it does not seem that they are making their debut. Once the performance is complete, the associated song clip is played.

Afterward, the group joins the MC on stage to discuss this first mini-album and answer questions from the journalists present. XIKERS begins by declaring that it is like a dream for them to come true and that they are grateful to stand on stage, hoping to receive in the future a lot of attention and love for their music.

« We have a lot to show you in the future so stay by our side » —JUNMIN

As for the song they have just presented, it is above all a song of pre-debut one, part of a quest to find utopia, according to the story that the group seeks to tell. JUNGHOON specifies that the leader of ATEEZ, HONGJOONG, participated in the composition and lyrics of the songs present in this first mini-album. JUNMIN and HUNTER then redance the chorus, to show in more detail the steps of the choreography.

It is then time for the young group to answer the reporters’ questions. Responding to the involvement of ATEEZ and its leader in the preparation of this album, MINJAE replied that all ATEEZ members actually gave feedback when they were training and that the staff also had a lot to do with it in this debut and the help they provided. In addition, XIKERS has followed ATEEZ during the dates of its world tour, to be inspired by the hard work provided by the members and that XIKERS progresses faster.

Then, they discuss the choice to have two tracks in this album, namely «Tricky house» and «Rockstar», the group responding that it is the opportunity for them to show different facets of their «team», as MINJAE points out. Especially «Rockstar» which is more dynamic and colorful than «Tricky house». One of the youngest, JUNGHOON, says that the strength of the group is its uniqueness, because they all work well together as a team, communicate as much as possible, and listen to each other whenever there is a concern or a problem to solve.

It is already time for the group to answer the last question, that of their model in the music industry as well as the goal they wish to expect. Unsurprisingly, they answer ATEEZ for their kindness and benevolence and hope to become a group like ATEEZ that may one day be the model of another group in the agency. Before concluding this showcase, the second title song «Rockstar» is performed, a song described again as a song to present the charms of each member.

A medley is also broadcast, presenting the tracks of the album: «The tricky’s secret», «Doorbell ringing», «Tricky house», «Rockstar», «Xikey», and «Oh my god». XIKERS warmly thanks all the journalists who made the trip and leaves the stage with a smile, despite the stress of this first scene.

In the words of our reporter: “While these beginnings remind me a lot of ATEEZ, I do not doubt the talent of these young men and wish them a good start.”

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos & Videos: Pillet Anaïs

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