Friday, September 29, 2023

KANG DANIEL: He reveals himself gradually

KANG DANIEL publishes a new poster for his comeback.

On his SNS at midnight KST today, artist KANG DANIEL is posting a new “Coming soon poster” for his comeback which will take place this month.

On the image that is published, like a movie poster, we discover in the dark, KANG DANIEL who slowly uncovers himself by removing the hood of his garment, thus revealing his face.

A face that looks different from what we usually see. Indeed far from the smooth beauty that the artist usually displays, it is with a face covered with dust that KANG DANIEL gently exposes himself to the eyes of the spectators. This choice is determined to adapt to the concept of this comeback as we saw in the previous video teaser.

Giving a stronger and more virile aspect, KANG DANIEL plays the chameleons and comes to surprise his fans with a comeback which wants to be worthy of a Hollywood film.

In addition to this image of the artist, we find on the poster the “Coming soon” which invites the fans to wait a little longer, as well as the credits and of course the date of the comeback.

KANG DANIEL will be back with the album “REALIEZ” on June 19th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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