Friday, September 29, 2023
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SUNMI: Back to seduce you

The solo singer SUNMI (선미) of the company Makeus Entertainment make her comeback with the title “Pporappippam” (보라 빛밤).


It is playful that the talented singer presents herself to journalists during a live showcase on Youtube this Monday, June 29, a few hours before the official release of her new title. She begins by presenting the strong point of her choreography where in a sensual way she bites her index finger while singing “I like it like it“, then when with a movement of her hands, her fingers transform into hearts.

“I wanted to release a new sparkling title, but like “Gashina“” – SUNMI

The clip is then broadcast. From the first seconds, the atmosphere seems dreamy, the main colors of the clip can be reminiscent of that of the Milky Voice. Besides, the title rightly means “sparkling purple star”. She surrounds herself with many dancers to highlight her, who is mainly dressed in a sparkling white dress. Once the clip is finished, the young woman goes on stage to immediately deliver the first performance of “Pporappippam“.

She then sits down to answer the many questions from the journalists present to watch her comeback. It’s already been ten months since her last album and she says she hopes many people are impatiently awaiting her return. Its new title is about a love which stimulates the imagination in a seductive way, supported by a sound at the same time funky but also elegant using guitars. 

“I approach each of my new titles as challenges to be accomplished.” – SUNMI

Since childhood, she dreamed of one day being someone’s model, and finally fulfilling this role for many young singers and almost hard to realize for SUNMI, and is also surprised to find that people name her musical style “Sunmi Pop“, its artistic imprint being unique. The opportunities available to her are more and more incredible, and she is very happy to always develop her career a little more.


Her titles are mainly oriented towards romantic feelings, but approaching them with a critical look, like her song “Siren“, but this new title is sincere and positive towards love. In addition, the singer composed entirely “Pporappippam” to bring a mature and sensual touch in a dreamy atmosphere. She reveals that this title does not really have any meaning, other than its sound which she finds fun and melodious.

“You may think that I found this title one evening while contemplating the sky, but in reality, I just thought that purple was the color that corresponded most to the lyrics of the song.” – SUNMI

A journalist also points out the fact that the singer’s titles gradually take one more syllable with “Heroin“, “Lalalay” and finally “Pporappippam“. The singer hadn’t even noticed and laughed when she was told. Finally, she designated herself by the term “외유 내강”, which translation means that she may seem delicate and soft from the outside, but in reality, she’s strong inside. She does not think of falling into a specific category, but ensures that she creates her own style and does what pleases her.

She speaks about the title “Black pearl” from her album WARNING which received a lot of love. She therefore sought to reproduce similar tracks in order to again receive positive opinions. She also wants to organize an event where her fans would have purple lights to illuminate the audience while she sang her new title in front of them. She therefore looks forward to implementing her plan when the conditions are right.


She ends her showcase by thanking her fans and all those supporting her, and hopes that she will become a better singer in the future to please as many people as possible. She is sad to have had to hold her showcase online without any audience and closes the time by sending hearts to the camera.

A word from our reporter: “Sparkling, SUNMI is making her long awaited return with a poetic title in its production and its meaning, but dynamic like the singer. Good luck for this comeback which deserves attention. “

Journalist: PILLET Anaïs
Photos: Makeus Entertainment

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