CHECKMATE: Diversity showcased

CHECKMATE, a co-ed group from GRACE COMPANY ENTERTAINMENT, made its debuts this September 21th.


SURI, NASON, NOAH, SIEUN and YONGSEOK debute with the digital single “Drum” during a showcase.

The group, composed of two girls and three boys, began by presenting itself, in a playful and sparkling way. The members saying they had trouble sleeping the night before, being excited to make their debut, especially YONGSEOK. Unsurprisingly, he revealed the meaning of the band’s name, which refers to a chess game where the king can no longer make any moves.

« Our track “Drum” combines reggae and house music sounds and talks about the love you want to receive from someone.» SURI

Before performing their title song, the single was then presented to the public, featuring a photobook and a photocard. The members showed energy and a big smile was drawn on their faces. The staff present also claimed to love their title, SIEUN admiting that she too immediately liked the song the first time she listened to it.

During the filming of the MV, SURI was chosen as the most awkward member, often tangling her legs while dancing. YONGSEOK confessed that the group’s dream is to reach number one on the Billboard chart, and NASON said he wants to go to Brazil, where the group’s debuts made the buzz, as well as the United States.

« We want to try out hip-hop songs after this first reggae track, because many of us in the band are fans of it. »YONGSEOK

To support his comments, SURI offered a freestyle rap. Later, SIEUN seeked to reassure their fans by promising that they will be active on social networks until they can meet, once the wave of the Covid-19 has passed. She then showed a few dance steps, corresponding to the chorus. She also invited fans to find a name for their choreography, imitated by SURI who showed her flexibility, helped by NOAH. NASON also offered a rap demonstration, praised by the MC, who thought that he would make a good presenter.

NASON went on to say that he wanted to participate in the tv shows “Knowing Brothers” and “Running Man”, YONGSEOK in “Law of the Jungle”, while SURI wants to make “Mukbang” (where you film yourself eating).

The group is hoping to hear the next sentence one day; “Chekmate has defeated and chekmated the other groups,” and for that, they do not want to limit themselves to any particular genre, and are open to the idea of having sub-units.

CHECKMATE concluded this showcase by thanking all the journalists who attended and wished everyone to be healthy.

Below is the title “Drum“:

The words of our reporter: “The positive energy of the group is a pleasure to see, and I wish them good luck with these promising beginnings.”

Journalist: PILLET Anaïs
R/C: Lyva

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