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N.I.K: Their first live

The Japanese-Korean band N.I.K will be doing their very first live at the end of the month.

The 5 Korean members of NIK. From left to right: PARKHA, YUNSEOL, KOGUN, HYEONSU and GUNMIN.

The new group N.I.K (for “Nippon Korea nb 1“) will hold its very first online concert on October 25th, 2020. Due to quarantine measures between Japan and South Korea, only 5 Korean members GUNMIN, HYEONSU, PARKHA, KOGUN and YUNSOL will participate in this live.


N.I.K is a band formed by singer YOONHAK from group SUPERNOVA during the survival show G-EGG. The group is composed of 11 members, 5 Japanese and 6 Korean members. After the group’ s debut was announced on August 29th, the coronavirus outbreak made it difficult to promote the group in both countries.

Nevertheless, in response to fan demand, N.I.K members living in South Korea decided to hold their first online concert “NIK FIRST LIVE STREAMING — GAZA! —”.

The concert will have a first performance on October 25th 2020 at 3pm and a second performance the same day at 7pm. Each performance will last 90 minutes. The name of this concert “GAZA” which means “Let’s go” in Korean reflects the desire of N.I.K members to make their debut alongside their fans, the NIKEE.
The 5 Korean members have also expressed their enthusiasm in a video announcing the concert:

You can already buy tickets for the online concert on the sites below:

Journalist : Julie
Translator: Julie
Source : NIK SNS

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