Thursday, September 28, 2023
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BTS: V conveys a deep message through the “room of ARMYs”

It was on February 15th, at midnight, that the layout chosen by V for the “ARMYs room” was unveiled.

Much like the other members of BTS, V, singer of the group, revealed his choice of the decoration which he finds ideal for the “room of the ARMYs”. ARMYs is the name given to the group’s fandom.

V, whose real name is KIM TAEHYUNG, presents the two decorations chosen through the audios which accompany the design of the said room.

The first decoration put forward is a record player. This element of the decor is notably reminiscent of the vintage side of the singer’s room. This room was shared with the public during the promotion of the album “BE” released in November. It was furnished with dark wood furniture with a sofa typical of the Baroque style and violins reminiscent of classical music hung on the wall.

This record player thus brings this typical vintage touch of the singer. The fact that it is a retro decoration is the first reason for this choice. Indeed, V shares that music sounds better when played through a record player. He also hopes that the ARMYs will listen to music with their friends in order to share emotions and feelings with each other, which music can do. Fact that he says he discovered while working on music. We don’t know, however, if he is referring to the music “Blue & grey” which he produced and which was included in the album “BE”.

The second decoration chosen by V is a white vase filled with a decorative branch. Through this decoration, the singer transmits a deep message to the ARMYs. Indeed, he advises fans not to think too much to be perfect or to fall within the norms since it is the imperfection and the naturalness that makes the beauty of a person, just like these messy branches, it is their irregularity that makes this vase an attractive decoration.

Promotion of their album continues every day on BTS’s social media at midnight until its scheduled release on February 19th.


Journalist: Omérine
Translator: Shawn

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