TRI.BE: Debut of a new girl group

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Group TRI.BE (Song Sun, Kelly, Jinha, Hyun Bin, Jia, Soeun and Mire) made its debut in the music industry with so-called “girl swag” songs.

TRI.BE‘s first single “TRI” was released on various music sites at 6pm on February 17th, “TRI.BE Da Loca” has been released.

Even before its official debut, TRI.BE gained attention as a group produced by Sinsa Dong Tiger. Sinsa Dong Tiger has proven his ability as a producer by leading Banana Culture group EXID (Solji, LE, Jeonghwa, Hani, Hyelin) to the top. Drawing on the successful craftsmanship of the time, he set out to create a new group at the helm of K-pop.

The name of the group TRI.BE is a combination of “Triangle“, a symbol of perfection, and “Be“, which means “to be”. It means “to be perfect.” “TRI.BE Da Loca” is the official slogan of the group, which combines the Latin words “La vida loca” and “TRI.BE” to be born as “enthusiastic anecdotes”. The group is still like a puppy for a day, but it contains the strong aspirations of the members to make this day a confident day without being swayed by the looks of others.

In addition to producer Sinsa Dong Tiger, Elly (LE at the time of EXID’s activities), a member of the group EXID, has also started supporting TRI.BE. Beginning with EXID’s hit song “Up and Down“, hit songs such as “덜덜덜“, “Ah yeah“, “Hot pink” and “Trouble maker” (Hyuna, Jang Hyun Seung) showed a good performance in Tribe songs.

DOOM DOOM TA“, the result of all this work, is a future house genre track that combines Afrobeat, Moombahton tone and house. It is also a song characterized by intense rhythms and the unique voice of the members.

Group TRI.BE debuted with the track “Doom doom ta” today February 17th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS TRI.BE

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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