PENTAGON: A spring comeback

Cube Entertainment‘s PENTAGON is back with its 11th mini album.


Currently composed of active members HONGSEOK, SHINWON, YEO ONE, YANAN, YUTO, KINO and WOOSEOK, – HUI and JINHO doing their military service – the group, that debuted in 2016, returns today with its 11th mini-album titled “LOVE or TAKE”, five months after its last comeback. Ideal for the beginnings of spring, the 7 songs present in this album, depict the feelings felt when one falls in love, while showing the confidence and maturity of the different members. For this, the members were partially inspired by their own experiences, and the feeling of love expressed in the album is not only directed towards someone else, but also towards oneself, and towards the togetherness formed by two or more people. Strictly speaking, the “I, you, we“.

The title song, “Do or not”, has rock tones, enough to show, once again, the charm of the group. Therefore, it is full of energy that the boys take the stage, ready to present their 11th production. The showcase, held on YouTube, starts with the performance of “Baby I love you“, a song rich in softness and lightness. PENTAGON is then joined by an MC to discuss this spring comeback in more detail. The members begin by reassuring the fans, saying they are all well, and have prepared themselves hard for this comeback. They hope that this album will please everyone, and that their efforts will be rewarded. Since their previous comeback, YEO ONE has been able to try comedy once again, having the lead role in the drama “Nickname pine leaf“. YANAN did the same, thus also beginning his acting career in a drama, which will be broadcast starting next month. Meanwhile, KINO is making podcasts every Wednesday, where he performs various unboxings on Spotify.

“In this album, we all represent a different character, allowed to express the feeling of love. Love is the heart of this album” – KINO and SHINWON

Therefore, several concepts have been adopted to represent the different characters embodied by PENTAGON, such as romantic characters, sportsmen, musicians, bad boys, etc. Once this brief presentation has been made, it is time for the songs composing this 11th mini album to be introduced. The titles present are as follow: “10 초전“, “Do or not“, “1 + 1“, “Baby I love you“, “That’s me“, “노래해” and “소년감성“, this last one being a solo by HUI, a gift for the fans for his departure to the army. This album thus represents the new style that the group wishes to adopt. KINO takes the opportunity to show a movement from the choreography of their title song where he waves his hand, closed in a fist, in front of his face, saying “니가 좋다“, or “I like you“.

HONGSEOK describes the song “1 + 1“, which draws its inspiration from the 24-hour convenience stores found in Korea, where we regularly see promotions like “one item bought = the second free”, or 1 + 1. The group wanted to represent the fact that the members are inseparable from their fans, called UNIVERSE, because one necessarily goes with the other. The title “That’s me” was written to share a festive moment with the fans on the day when concerts will once again be allowed with public. The presentation of this album concluded, it is time for the group to perform the title song “Do or not“. First of all, the MV is shown, opening with HUI‘s face, something to delight the fans. Carried by the phrase “So what, I don’t care“, the song, as well as the video clip, highlight the vocal performances of the members, as well as their unfailing energy. They are seen paying attention to their loved one in the MV, and they express a real joy to be on stage afterwards. The performance over, they take the time to answer journalists’ questions. WOOSEOK begins by saying that it is still strange for the group to be without their leader, HUI. The boys, however, do their best to make up for his absence, and spend 200% to make him proud of them. They then proudly show their hand, where a ring rests around their ring finger representing the unity and strength of the group.

“UNIVERSE is our engine, our strength to continue working hard” – KINO

YUTO says he mainly put effort into his looks, adopting shoulder-length hair for the first time for this comeback. YEO ONE says he identifies the most with the romantic character in this comeback. KINO takes the floor again and says that it is difficult for them to choose which style best represents the group until they have experimented all possible styles. The showcase comes to an end, after talking for an hour with the group. The members hope to hear that their performances will be described as “cool” and “awesome”, and state that they will continue to do everything to make their fans happy. After final greetings, it’s time to leave PENTAGON.


The words of our reporter: “It is with a fresh and light comeback that the group returns, still trying their hand at a new genre. I wish them good promotions.”

Journalist: PILLET Anaïs
Translator: Shawn
Corrections: Lyva
Photos: Cube Entertainment
Sources: Kstation TV, Cube Entertainment


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