GOT7: JB, a shoot with Beauty Life

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JB appears on the cover of Beauty Life magazine.


The leader of the South Korean group GOT7 posed for the famous magazine Beauty Life, a shoot centered on a natural aspect revealing JB from a new point of view.

JB also gave an interview during the shooting, during which the idol confided in his ambitions, GOT7 and his future projects as well as the future.

Revealing some small ideas on what GOT7 could produce soon, JB announced that the group’s primary goal is to produce and release one album per year, a gamble for the members that seems to be close to their hearts.

” We plan to release an album once a year. It’s better if we can even get on stage. We discuss each other’s feelings and what they want to include on the album. It’s a promise to our fans to continue, but also a courtesy to the team. ” JB

The photos of the shooting officially published by Beauty Life on its official social networks were shortly afterwards relayed by JB on its networks.

The portraits of the idol taken from different angles highlight the different sides of JB, a classy and charming side but also a sexy side that the singer likes to recall.


The crew highlighted JB‘s professionalism during filming, affirming the leader’s calm and collected manner in directing the photoshoot, while seducing the camera.

JB also answered a few questions during the session and confided a lot, answering with a lot of sincerity and seriousness.

“Because I am a perfectionist, I want to do whatever I can do. When I was thinking about how to do things better, I listened to the stories of those around me like my parents or my brothers, which had a lot of influence on the type of music I can produce and on my life.” JB

GOT7 didn’t turn out the way I thought it would, but through this experience we became a team capable of performing and mastering various styles of music and various songs such as “Look” and “Breath”, and it gave a deep impression on the fans.”


JB who is the only member of GOT7 who has not officially announced the signing of a contract with an agency, multiplies the projects with the ØFFSHORE collective under its namesake DEF and the photo shoots thus developing his career in modeling.

Journalist: Kass Translator: Shawn Sources: JB official SNS, SNS Beauty Life

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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