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Born from Taiwanese parents in the United States of America, VINCENT LIOU has released a new EP and a music video. When we first discovered his work, and even if he is not related to K-music, SPILL THE BEAT thought that we should make an exception and should be promoted. Let’s learn more about VINCENT LIOU together !


~ Passionated from a very young age:

“I was forced to learn the piano like all good asian children.” – VINCENT LIOU

This is how VINCENT LIOU, who will celebrate his 31st birthday on August 23, takes his first step in music. His spirit of contradiction makes him try other instruments such as the bass guitar and clarinet but he finds himself enjoying piano the best. In high school, he joins a group that teaches him how to enjoy performing on stage. He left the band, and went from pianist to solo singer.

“I can say that when I was younger, I loved The Backstreet Boys and Blink-182. As I grew older I started liking more experimental and wild stuff like Primus, The Locust, Minus the Bear, The Blood Brothers, and The Postal Service, The 1975.” – VINCENT LIOU

The style of VINCENT LIOU is more on the classical music side with pure bass and drum sounds instead of electronic ones. He takes the chef GORDON RAMSAY as a role model because he is a man who’s very passionate about his art. As for the collaboration of his dreams, it would be with the Korean singer TAEYEON. He had tried in the past to make an English cover of her title “11:11” but he preferred not to make this production public for the moment. The vocal performances and personality of the singer makes VINCENT LIOU believing that their collaboration would be effective.

VINCENT LIOU’s first official production was released in 2014 with his album “CHERRY BLOSSOM”. Since then he continues to produce singles as well as EPs. His latest EP was in 2016, also he made 6 tracks under the name of “FOOL” and in this year 2021, the artist renews this experience with “BIG SURF” on May 1st.

It is with great purity that VINCENT LIOU expresses his goal in life: “To make people happy.” He expresses himself:

“Seriously, art is to be enjoyed by all and made for someone to appreciate life more.” – VINCENT LIOU

To date, VINCENT LIOU’s discography consists of:

“FOOL” an EP released in 2016 consists of 6 soundtracks. An EP he wrote has a sad and stressful time in his life but thanks to meeting people with whom he could have fun and sing karaoke. Then his first album “CHERRY BLOSSOM” of 2014 then 5 singles “VIRAL”, “TANNED”, “GOOD ENERGY”, “LOSING YOU” and “GHOSTS”. But this 1st of May, day of happiness and luck in France, VINCENT LIOU has seen his musical playlist growing with his brand new EP “BIG SURF”!

~ Diving into “BIG SURF” :

“I consider the old releases to be practice. This ep is so much better than the last one. I hope to keep improving and will always be writing.” – VINCENT LIOU

Started 3 years ago, VINCENT LIOU got himself very busy from work and events so his project has been delayed pretty much. Once he found a good balance in his life he made time to start writing again. He says that his work is pretty much about analytics and sciences so he is very happy to use music tone a bit right-brained (brain is made of 2 parts, left one is about rational and right is creativity).

The indie-pop artist who often starts creating his songs with piano before switching to computer explains that this EP has been inspired by a girl that he liked but ended up disappointing him, and he gave up on it.

The EP is made of 4 tracks:

BOOMER HUMOR“: He describes this title as joyful and from a Yacht Rock style.

SWEETER THAN A SLOW DANCE“: a title about scuba diving, an activity that the singer enjoys a lot.

SAFE TO CONSUME“: with a music video based on “BLACK MIRROR” where he fights against an AI. 

Then “BIG SURF”: a song about a date at Big Surf (a water park in the US)

“I started coming up with Big Surf when I was laying in her bed one morning. I kinda felt like things weren’t gonna work out, but I also felt amazing. The type of amazing where you think you found someone who kinda likes you and thinks ur cool. ” – VINCENT LIOU

Meanwhile the EP, VINCENT LIOU unveils the music video “BOOMER HUMOR”. 

~ And finally ”BOOMER HUMOR”‘s M/V:

“”BOOMER HUMOR. It describes my daily life and makes me happy when I listen to it.” – VINCENT LIOU

Working and producing this track has been a great experience for the singer. He explains that he has reached out to the video producer BRAD WONG some years ago. After listening to the song, they flew to L.A, California to shoot the video. VINCENT LIOU says that the director told him many times to move and express more with his body while shooting. Great thing that he was into his KPOP moment so he got inspired to create a small choreography. The music video has been set in a ranch with a lot of horses and beautiful landscapes. Professional actress of the MV has been a big support to VINCENT LIOU’s choreography.

For his future activities, VINCENT LIOU promises the release of “SWEETER THAN A SLOW DANCE”‘s music video this winter ! He announced his will to create a new EP for December. In the future, the artist hopes to create more music videos where we can practice acting, a difficult but fut exercise. He also hopes to feature with a female voice sometimes.

The good vibe of VINCENT LIOU ends the interview so:

“Thank you for your time. Enjoy everything. Wee I’m a helicopter!” – VINCENT LIOU

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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