MCND: A new cover that should take flight to success

The dance video cover of Justin Bieber’s track “Second Emotion” made by MCND has been released.

Justin Bieber’s “Second emotion” dance cover video was posted on MCND’s official YouTube channel at midnight on May 9th, garnering considerable attention.

The video is one of MCND’s own musical projects “PMG (Play Music Ground)” even before its debut. MCND recreated the choreography from Justin Bieber’s dance video “Second emotion”. Not only the group performance, but also the solo dance and the choreography shared equally among each member was perfectly executed with excellent expression and delicate dance lines, realizing the power of the “All Main Dancer Group“.

Until now, MCND has performed song and dance covers performing creative choreography through “PMG“, such as “Bad guy” by Billie Eilish, “Circles” by Post Malone, “MIC Drop” by BTS and “Dalla dalla” from ITZY.

In particular, Blackpink’s cover video “Kill this love” received favorable reviews for the girl group’s reinterpretation of the song, with MCND’s own color, far exceeding 1.4 million views. The dance video cover for “Second emotion” is also expected to show further growth and solid performance, drawing more attention from fans around the world.

MCND, who finished their promotional activities for their 2ND MINI ALBUM <MCND AGE> in March, will visit fans with various content such as “PMG” and the reality show “GEMCND 시즌 2- WELCOME TO 우정 촌“. “GEMCND Season 2” will be available on MCND’s official YouTube channel every Wednesday at 8pm starting May 12th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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