BAMBAM: A unique fan meeting for “riBBon”

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After announcing his solo debut, and unveiling his first album “RIBBON”, BAMBAM meets fans for a revisited fansign.


Since his first solo steps with his first album with the Abyss Company agency, BAMBAM has been doing a series of promotions and appearances to share his very first album, on which he has worked a lot. Full of creativity, presenting a fantastic world full of color, symbol of the artist’s personality, BAMBAM decided to discuss with fans about this new project that he is very proud to unveil.

It is through photo teasers, videos, a sought-after video clip, colorful outfits and accessories and technical choreography that the idol shared his idyllic and fantastic world. Like BAMBAM, this particular style that suits him so well has won over fans. Especially since the young member of GOT7 is particularly keen to interact with his community and does not skimp on the many ways to interact with it.

Live stream, social networks, podcast or even YouTube videos, BAMBAM has also decided on a special fan meeting in order to meet the iGOT7s in person. A program which is presented as a reaction to BAMBAM’s single “riBBon” is actually a surprise encounter with the idol who doesn’t hesitate to surprise iGOT7.

For total transparency, a point of honor that BAMBAM has always wanted to maintain, a total and sincere exchange with the iGOT7, the backstage of its single “riBBon” was shared on BAMBAM’s official YouTube channel.

GOT7: Bambam dévoile un monde fantastique avec riBBon.

Journalist: Kass
Translator: Shawn
Source: BAMBAM Youtube

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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