OMEGA X: A second chance

SPIRE ENTERTAINMENT’s group OMEGA X (오메가엑스) made their debut on Wednesday, June 30th, during a showcase held in Seoul.


Composed of members JAEHAN, HWICHAN, SEBIN, HANGYEOM, HYUK, TAEDONG, XEN, JEHYUN, KEVIN, JUNGHOON and YECHAN, it is with a first mini-album, “VAMOS”, that the group embarks on a new adventure. Indeed, the members are probably not unknown to you since they already had the opportunity to debut in previous groups, now disbanded or on hiatus; JAEHAN in SPECTRUM, HWICHAN in LIMITLESS, SEBIN in SNUPER, HANGYEOM in SEVEN O’CLOCK, TAEDONG in GIDONGDAE, XEN and JEHYUN in 1TEAM, KEVIN, HYUK and JUNGHOON in ENOI, and YECHAN in 1THE9.

The members began their showcase by promising spectacular performances and stated their impatience to begin this new adventure. They posed in front of reporters before the screening of the music video “Vamos“, their title track. The clip alternates between scenes in a desert and in a glass building, presenting the members sometimes dressed in white, sometimes in black. The title is powerful, the dance dynamic, and the members charming and charismatic. Then, they performed for the first time in front of an audience. After the performance, a video of them thanking their fans and sending messages of future good times and a long time spent together was shown. The group came back on stage after that to present their first mini-album.

First, they explained the meaning of their name, OMEGA X. Omega stands for a letter of the Greek alphabet, which means “the end“. The group’s desire is to become the “final boss” of the Korean music industry. They are debuting with an album that has five songs; the first is “Ox win ha!“, which is an instrumental intro to their album. The second track is “Vamos”, meaning “let’s go” in Spanish. It is a hip-hop song highlighting the sensuality of the members with the help of powerful rhythms. The next track is “Icetag”, also with hip-hop sounds and kitsch lyrics reminiscent of Western films. Then comes “Omega X“, a song bearing the same name as the group to express the singular charm of the members, against a backdrop of EDM rhythms. The album ends with “Younger, a track mixing pop and rock seeking to convey a message of support for young people, nostalgic for a time when anything was possible and achievable.

“It’s a special day for us because it’s the day we will meet our fansYECHAN

Indeed, the group also held a showcase for their fans in the evening, so as not to waste time. Goodies are also on sale, including the official lightstick of the group. Then, some members highlighted a part of the choreography which seems important to them and which represents a dance battle within the group, split in two. Later, the group took time to answer journalists’ questions. For JAEHAN, the strength of the group is the plurality of talents of each member who are all skilled in dancing, singing, and rapping. Therefore, they do not have a fixed position within the group. Members appeared stressed to stand in front of reporters, despite their experience. However, their good humor and their smile allowed them to ignore their stress and few missteps.

Having made the choice to start with a title bearing a Latin name, the members made research to appropriate the song and its concept and to perfect their pronunciation when they sing “vamos a la fiesta” in the chorus. Additionally, JAEHAN, HANGYEOM, HWICHAN, HYUK, SEBIN, JUNGHOON and JEHYUN participated in the writing of the track “Younger”. Although they have already worked very hard for this debut, they promised future performances proving the continuity of their hard efforts, and claimed to have already had the opportunity to shoot shows and interviews, such as Weekly Idol. HWICHAN then addressed a piece of advice for those wishing to find a place in the world of Kpop: be persistent and not give up when facing difficulties. Members understand this especially as OMEGA X represents a second chance for them.

“As we are a group with many members, sometimes conflicts are inevitable. It is therefore essential for us to communicate regularly.” – HYUK


Q. All the members of the group have a different background, come from different groups which had different concepts and are now part of a one and only group. How did the first meeting go? Did you have any fears, some concerns while seeing the other members or on the contrary were you excited?

JAEHAN: Before meeting the members I was concerned, but the worry went away in a day. Seeing as the members were passionate and hard working, I thought I could be happy making music with them. And I want to deliver our positive vibes to our fans.

SEBIN: When I joined Omega X, even before meeting the members, I thought to myself we’ll be good friends and take care of one another. So my first impression was great. The members were all so nice and talented, which was amazing.

JUNGHOON: When we first saw everyone, they were all so good looking and talented that I got excited at the thought of performing on stage with them.

KEVIN: They seemed so passionate, courageous, unstoppable. We trusted and looked after one another, which made me feel so passionate about the group and the debut.

HANGYEOM: I thought they were all handsome and cool. Some members seemed shy, and I couldn’t wait to get to know them all.

HYUK: When we met for the first time, I saw that members approached the shy ones and helped them feel comfortable. I thought our members were all so nice and good and that I’d been worried for nothing.

JAEHYUN: Everyone was so nice and we bonded right away from the first meeting, so I thought we’d get along well.

TAEDONG: When we first met, the members weren’t awkward and they helped me feel comfortable with jokes and funny comments. When we practiced, they were so tireless that I was struck by their professionalism.

YECHAN: When I first saw the hyungs, they were easygoing and funny and I loved it.

This first album is dedicated to their fans, no doubt impatient for their debut. Members asked the journalists to keep an eye on them as they want to be present in the music industry and leave their mark within the Kpop industry. It is with these last words that the band concluded the showcase after performing “Omega X“, thanking anyone who pays attention to their album. They then left the stage, going to get ready for a second showcase dedicated to their fans.


The words of our reporter: “Successful debut for this group with endearing members. This second chance looks promising, and their future bright with a first mini-album with hard-hitting songs.

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Pilet Anaïs et Laury Verdroux
Videos: Laury Verdroux

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