SOCIETY: Is fried chicken a typical Korean dish or not?

According to a poll taken in October, Koreans do not consider fried poult to be one of their typical dishes.

It was during a poll carried out from October 18 to 21 among 1,500 people aged 19 to 69 across the country, that Koreans had to quote dishes they considered to be part of “Hansik”, Korean culinary tradition. Among the thirty dishes mentioned, fried chicken was approved by only 36% of respondents.

If we compare these results to that of an overseas poll conducted in several major cities around the world, fried chicken is the number one favorite Korean dish for foreigners.

For Koreans, fried chicken is therefore not a typical Korean dish, for them it is Kimchi (fermented cabbage) at 99.7% which is the most representative. Next come doenjangjjigae, fermented soybean paste soup (99.3%), buchimgae, vegetable pancake (95.3%), japchae, sautéed transparent noodles (94.3%), kimbap, rolls of stuffed rice surrounded by seaweed leaves (90.8%), and samgyeomsal-goui, grilled pork belly (77.9%).

What is your favorite Korean dish?

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Yonhap, KFPI


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