ROY NGUYEN/KWON MINAH: The return of MINAH for a Vietnamese MV

KWON MINAH, a former member of the AOA group, will seriously resume work.


According to HR Entertainment, on November 1, ROY, the Vietnamese member of Z-BOYS group, released his song on various music sites in Korea at noon and on November 5 and 6 will present new photos and then on the 7th an acoustic MV.

ROY, who returned to his home country after the group disbanded due to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Korea, met with SB Entertainment (CEO Lee Sang Beom), Vietnam’s largest general entertainment company , and was offered a solo debut in Vietnam, and ROY, who again had the chance to work in the entertainment business on a new album, worked harder than anyone else.

Producer Joo Young Sung, who actively produces music in Korea and Vietnam, was responsible for the upcoming song “1cm.” The music and music video were completed in Korea, and the heroine of the music video was KWON MINAH, former member of AOA group, who acted as a loving lover with ROY.

Lee Sang Beom, CEO of SB Entertainment, Vietnam’s agency, said, ROY is the best talent I’ve seen in Vietnam’s entertainment industry, and besides, he’s a singer who tries harder than anyone else, so he will be the best singer in Vietnam in the shortest possible time.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube ROY, SB Entertainment

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