WAYV: The group will return before the end of the year

WAYV, the Chinese sub-unit of NCT, announced its comeback today, with a 4th mini-album which will bear the name “PHANTOM” on December 9th.


NCT’s Chinese unit hadn’t had a comeback since “KICK BACK“, released in March last year. Fans’ expectation was growing, especially after NCT’s activities throughout this year 2022. SM Entertainment gave the opportunity for NCT 127 to come back several times this year, and it was the same this summer with NCT DREAM.

The members of WAYV, YANGYANG, TEN, XIAOJUN, KUN, WINWIN and HENDERY had already announced for a few months to the fans through lives, or even broadcasts, that the group had planned their return by the end of the year. , and the fans (in the name of “WayZenNis“) grew increasingly impatient, desperate for the boys’ return.

The group still kept fans busy throughout 2022, with various videos on its official YouTube channel, lives, shows, and great activity from each member on social media. Not to mention TEN’s latest solo release, with its title “Birthday” as part of the NCT LAB project unveiled last October.

To date, no further details have been released by the band regarding the album. WAYV posted a group teaser image, showing only the silhouettes of the members walking through the water. In addition to this, the image showing the aesthetic of the album was also released, revealing the title of the album on a red background, with an image of what appears to be a crown and a mask in the center.


The group’s comeback will be on December 9, 2022, with the 4th mini-album “PHANTOM”. This album, the release of which was announced today, wears colors already seen and already highly appreciated by the public. Indeed, the red color is reminiscent of the album “TAKE OVER THE MOON” (produced on October 19, 2019) and seems to be inspired by the same design, showing the unique identity that WAYV wishes to release. “PHANTOM” will follow “TAKE OFF” (2019), “TAKE OVER THE MOON” (2019), single “LOVE TALK” (2019), special album “SEQUEL TAKE OVER THE MOON” (2020), AWAKEN THE WORLD (2020)” and finally to “KICK BACK” (2021).

See you then next month, for “PHANTOM”!

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS WAYV

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